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Hello and welcome to my website.

Yoga is a gift, that has been given to us from the depth of human history itself.

It offers insights and experiences on all levels into the paradox of life and the mystery of being a human being in it. Yoga is an art of the body, a science of the mind and a philosophy of thought.

Since the year 2000 I am dedicating a big part of my life to the study of Yoga. Since 2012 I am sharing my knowledge and experience with people from all over this wonderful planet.

Registered with the Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hours) I am specializing in workshops, ongoing educations for yoga teachers and teacher trainings.

If you are interested to get to know me better, then feel free to scroll through my website or visit one of my workshops or trainings.

All the best

Christian Klix

* Yoga ist eine Kunst, eine Wissenschaft und eine Philosophie * 

Yoga bietet jedem ein Werkzeug,

tiefen, inneren Frieden zu finden.

Es ist mir jedesmal eine Freude,

wenn ich diese Erfahrung mit

anderen Menschen teilen kann. 

Yoga offers everybody a tool

to find deep inner peace in life.

It is my pleasure and passion

to share this experience. 

* 20 Minuten Stille am Tag, können die Welt verändern *


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Angkor Wat 2013

Mallorca 2016

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