20min of peace in one minute n° 6

This one is from Munic, Westfriedhof underground station. It´s a surreal surrounding. Outside it was freezing cold and inside not much different. Cold wind coming from the tubes…
It was very interesting. Not really a meditation. More sitting and relaxing into the situation, which in itself is quite a challenge. The mind tells you one thousand things why it would be best to stop the stupid thing immediately. It´s too cold, people are looking etc…
The funny thing was, as soon I sat down and closed my eyes, a school class came down and they where discussing loudly with their teacher what this guy was doing there. But surprisingly in a very respectful and interested way.
After a while I could really relax into the situation. I stayed focussed on the breath and kept still. In this dynamic stillness the mind could find rest at last. A great challenge!

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